On the Issues

I believe that...

…no hard-working family should have to worry if they can pay for a doctor’s visit or fill a prescription they need. We must finally take common sense steps to cut drug prices, and build a single-payer health care system so that no one goes without care because they can’t afford it.

…our economy needs to work for working folks and not just the wealthy. We have to invest in creating good-paying jobs with good benefits, the kind you can raise your kids on, and protect the ones we have from outsourcing.

…we should all come together as a nation in times of crisis. The political games with this pandemic need to end, and we must embrace an aggressive, science-based, nationally-coordinated response to save lives and stop the spread.

…we must learn from the failures of the last downturn. Billionaires and big businesses bounced back way faster from the Great Recession than regular folks because Congress looked out for them and not us. We have to make sure things are different this time.

If you want Washington to listen to the middle class, you send a middle class voice to Washington.

…we’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare, we’ve earned it and we should be able to count on it. We should be working to expand these programs, and we can never let our seniors and future generations lose out to pay for tax giveaways for the wealthy and powerful.

…climate change is real, it’s here, it’s dangerous and it’s our responsibility to combat it. We can leave a safer world behind for our kids and grow our economy right now by supporting green energy research and green-collar jobs.

…we deserve a government we can trust, and those who betray our trust can’t be allowed to get away with it. Professional politicians who only care about honesty and ethics when they can blame the other “team” have got to go.

…our democracy doesn’t work unless everyone’s voices are heard and respected. Those who try to tear up our ballots should be held accountable, we need to get money out of our politics, and gerrymandering and voter suppression have to be stopped.

…it’s time for better leadership in Washington, with representatives who stand up for ordinary Americans and not big donors or extremist agendas. We need to elect middle-class congressmen to make Congress work for the middle class.

Join me and we CAN send one of us to Washington.

Send One of Us to Washington

I’m not a career politician. I’m a veteran, a warehouse manager, and a father. I’ve spent more time driving a forklift than wearing a suit. And I’m asking you to join our team.

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