Jim Jordan: Turning A Blind Eye to Sexual Abuse

An independent report commissioned by Ohio State University concluded that team physician Dr. Richard Strauss sexually abused at least 177 male students over a nearly 20-year period, which overlapped with Jordan’s tenure as a wrestling coach at the school.

More than a half-dozen former Ohio State wrestlers have publicly gone on record that Jordan knew about the abuse, did nothing to stop it and attempted to cover up his failures: Shawn Dailey, Adam DiSabato, Michael DiSabato, Mike Flusche, Mike Glane, Dan Ritchie, Tito Vasquez and Dunyasha Yetts.

I’ve listened to these men’s stories. I believe them. And I believe they deserve accountability.

I encourage you to hear what they have to say in their own words.

Here’s Mike DiSabato speaking with university trustees about Jim Jordan’s role in the scandal:

Here’s Mike’s brother Adam testifying before the Ohio state legislature about Jordan begging him to assist in the cover-up by discrediting his brother, the original whistleblower:

And here are six different wrestlers stating Jim Jordan knew about Strauss’ abuse, including Vasquez flatly saying Jordan is lying when he claims otherwise:

It’s time Jim Jordan answered for betraying the young men who trusted him.

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