Update From The Campaign: “No More Barriers to the Ballot Box” Petition Against Voter Suppression

LIMA, OH – Democratic U.S. Army veteran and warehouse manager Jeff Sites, who is challenging Rep. Jim Jordan in the Ohio Fourth Congressional District and has repeatedly encouraged Ohioans to reach out to their legislators in opposition to further voting restrictions, today issued a statement condemning Ohio Republicans’ introduction of HB 294 and announcing a petition drive against the bill.

The petition can be signed at this link, and shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“Our democracy is under threat by extremist politicians who are afraid of letting the voters have their say. They spread Trump’s Big Lie, and now they’re using it as an excuse to try to entrench themselves in power.

“Ohioans are already silenced by some of the most restrictive voting laws in the country, registration purges and severe gerrymandering. The last thing we need are more obstacles to making our voices heard.

“We will not quietly accept our fundamental rights being undermined. We will organize, and we will make sure our elected officials hear this loud and clear: no more barriers to the ballot box.
“We launched a petition this morning urging the Governor, our Republican legislative leaders and everyone in Columbus to reject this bill. I encourage everyone to sign and contact their legislators and Governor DeWine. This wave of voter suppression has to be stopped.”

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